The "Blue Book" is the essential shop/service manual for the Honda N360/N400/N600 series sedan, truck, and van. as well as many portions of the Z600. Below are the electrical schematics and wiring diagrams for various models delivered worldwide.

A360 Denmark.pdf (70kb)
A360 Germany France Belgium.pdf (70kb)
A360 Standard.pdf (70kb)
A360 UK Australia.pdf (70kb)
A600 Denmark.pdf (70kb)
A600 Germany France Belgium.pdf (70kb)
A600 Standard.pdf (70kb)
A600 UK Australia.pdf (70kb)
AA600 USA Canada.pdf (70kb)
AN600 USA Puerto Rico Canada.pdf (70kb)
N360 Europe Continent.pdf (70kb)
N360 Standard.pdf (70kb)
N360 UK Australia.pdf (70kb)
N400 Belgium.pdf (70kb)
N400 France.pdf (70kb)
N400 Germany.pdf (70kb)
N400 UK.pdf (70kb)
N600 France Italy Portugal Denmark Benelux.pdf (70kb)
N600 Germany Finland Swiss Norway Sweden.pdf (70kb)
N600 Standard.pdf (70kb)
N600 UK Australia.pdf (70kb)
N600G France Belgium Denmark.pdf (70kb)
N600G Germany.pdf (70kb)
N600G UK.pdf (70kb)
Section 17 All (1.6Mb)
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